2014 Making Strides

2014 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Event


The 2014 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Event once again brought together many people to raise breast cancer awareness. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC, is happy to sponsor the event, raise awareness, and see all of their patients. This is a truly great event in the fight against breast cancer.

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Dr. Randall Feingold: So here we are at the beach, The Four Musketeers, doing our thing as usual with The American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Dr. Peter Korn: And great spirits as usual. It's always a great experience. Dr. Ron Israeli: We're happy to be here for the Making Strides Event. It's a very inspirational, special day, seeing all of our patients that we've had the opportunity and the privilege of taking care of, come out in a happy occasion and showing their strength and their support for each other. Woman 1: We're looking forward to a great day. It's cold, but it's perfect for us. Mollie Sugarman: Welcome to a morning of thrivers. I really prefer seeing thrivers than survivors, because survivors seem to come from a place of being a victim, and thrivers really grow out of this experience. Woman 2: I love Cheryl. I love Dr. Feingold. I love Dr. Israeli. Dr. Korn, you rock! You are a tremendous team. We value all that you do in the fight against breast cancer. Child 1: I love my mom very much and I'm happy to be here today. Dr. Israeli: This is Annie, and she's brought, I don't know, a hundred and some-odd kids from Hampton Bay School District, and they have raised thousands of dollars this year for their teacher. Woman 3: I'm a seven year survivor, and like I said before, every year I'm here and no matter rain, wind, snow, we're here every year. Woman 4: Keep on fighting. That's what we're here for, to help everyone. Don't ever give up. Woman 5: Thank you to the doctors for all the help and support you've been. It's been wonderful working with you. You've saved my life. Woman 6: Every morning when I wake up, I say a little prayer that the entire practice, everyone in it, will have a wonderful day because they are making everyone healthy. It's a Godsend, who they are. Dr. Feingold: I think the best thing that we have is our connection with our patients, and making people feel comfortable and restoring their happiness, and as you can see from the crowd, that's basically what we accomplish here at the beach every year, so thanks for being here with us.


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