Proud Mary at The Uplifting Event

Proud Mary at The Uplifting Event


In 2012, The Uplifting Event was held to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. The doctors at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC helped by playing "Proud Mary" at The Uplifting Event along with the band. The event is held annually and has been an entertaining day for everyone involved.

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Joann Sandler: We have a special surprise guest, guests, for you tonight. So sometimes life is easy and other times life is really tough, right? Would you agree with that? Sometimes the people who that take care of us, we think we know who they are, but sometimes there's another side of them that we really never get a chance to see. The people that take care of us. So tonight you're going to have that opportunity. Do we have any Tina Turner fans in the house? Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce Proud Molly and the Boobettes! Guest: Molly, you're hot! Jen: Who's that girl, huh? Who is that woman? Molly: I'm Tina Turner. Jen: I don't recognize her. She's like, "I'm Tina Turner, bitch." That's right. Molly: I just got my Medicare card in the mail. Jen: You got to lay out money, baby. Molly: Let's see if there's someone . . . Jen: Wait, Molly . . . Molly: . . . who wants to play with us tonight. Jen: There's a lot of women up here. I feel like we need a little testosterone, so what do you guys think? Jeanie: We need some men, right now! Jen: Maybe a doctor or two, or someone with a little bit of . . . I see a volunteer right there. Ike is really in the house. Mama, are you proud or what? Molly: All right, mama! Jen: He's taking off that suit jacket and he's putting on that leather jacket. Girls, let me hear it! I'm not the only one all aflutter. Molly: I think I need to bring some other hot stuff up tonight. Jen: Who we got, Molly? Who we got? Molly: Let me see, let me see, let me see . . . Niko! A little drums. Jen: We need some man flesh on the drums, Niko. Molly: Let's hear it for Niko! Jen: This is just too hot, right? So I'm blocking him guys. Niko is quite the specimen. Molly: Quite! He's also our P-A. And let me see. I think we need maybe two more guys. Jen: Who we looking for? Who we looking for? Molly: I'm looking for somebody really creative and hot. All right! How about the music creator, Jeff? Jen: I can vouch for this one. I was in rehearsal with him, babies. Molly: Okay! I think one more for each woman, don't you think? Jen: One more time. Molly: Okay. And let me see. How about the sound guy, Ralph? All right! Her name is Mary, Proud Mary. Every now and then we think you might like to hear something from us, nice and easy. But you see, we never ever do nothing completely nice . . . Jen: Nice, sucks! Molly: . . . and easy. You know why? Singers: Why? Jen: Come on, people! Molly: You know why? Everybody: Why? Molly: Because . . . because I said, we always like to do it nice and rough. So we're going to take the beginning of this story and do it nice and easy. But then we're going to do the finish nice and rough. [Singing "Proud Mary"] Molly: And now I'd like to introduce the members of Molly and the Boobettes. First Jen, Jeanie, Lisa, and on the drums, and I said on the drums is our one and only Niko. Oh, and let me see. And then, and then we have big, bad Ike Israeli. Second guitar, we have my favorite music person. He plays all kinds of instruments. Jeff, the music creator. And last but not least we have Ralph, the sound man and guitarist. Let's hear it! Jen: And everybody, Molly Sugarman as Tina Turner.


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