Making Strides 2009

The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk 2009


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC, takes part in the Making Strides 2009 event, a breast cancer awareness walk. The doctors and other attendees discuss their reasons for participating in the event. The practice has been actively involved in the event since 1999.

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Woman: For me, this is a six-month anniversary of my mastectomies, and I'm going to aim for two miles and I just can't wait. This is exciting. It's a celebration. That's basically it, a great celebration. Dr. Feingold: I'm Dr. Feingold here with Dr. Israeli and Dr. Korn for our 7th or 8th Walk on the Beach, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, American Cancer Society event at Jones Beach, 2009. Dr. Israeli: Yeah, I think it's been longer than seven or eight years. I feel like we've done this for . . . since '99, actually. Dr. Feingold: I think maybe it's just because it's so cold out. It feels like it's a long time. But we started out with maybe 20 patients and family members walking with us. We got them here by bribing them with sweatshirts and breakfast. And now as you can see, we have a tent with several hundred people. Every year it's a record-breaking event for us. Dr. Israeli: Yeah, the only thing we couldn't make better today is the weather. But still, thousands of people walking today, it's a good thing. Dr. Feingold: You can't keep people's spirits down. Dr. Israeli: It's true. Dr. Feingold: It doesn't matter what the weather is. They come out to walk on the beach. There's about 50,000 people here. And we're introducing Dr. Korn again for the second year. Dr. Korn: It's a pleasure to be here the second time. Dr. Feingold: I want to introduce Dr. Derek Cody, visiting plastic surgeon from Ohio. He's our micro-surgical fellow, part of our expanded educational program this year. Good morning. Dr. Cody: Good morning. Here we are braving the elements for a great cause. Dr. Feingold: It's great to have you here with us today. Dr. Cody: Thank you. My pleasure to be here. Woman 2: I'm walking to support my mom and all the beautiful women in this world that are fighting and survivors and suffering with breast cancer. I commend you tremendously. Woman 3: I'm walking for my friend Kim who's having surgery on November 10. Woman 4: Because my mom is a survivor. We want to raise money. Woman 5: I'm a breast cancer survivor. Man: I'm walking for my wife Loretta. She's a breast cancer survivor, and all the other ladies and gentlemen out here. Woman 6: Okay, I'm here today to walk for breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy and I had reconstruction all in one day with my fabulous Dr, Israeli, who I love so much. And here I am, two years later. Even right away I was back at the gym. I swim, I spin, I walk and I'm an Adapted Phys Ed teacher. So I'm here to say you can do it and move on. Thank you.


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