SOS: Sisterhood of Support Group for Women with Breast Cancer


SOS, or the Sisterhood of Support Group, is a group for breast cancer survivors at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC. The support group participants talk about how vital the group has been in giving them the strength they need to go on with hope. From sharing stories, tears, and laughter, the women in the group have a new-found strength to cope with their breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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Mollie Sugarman: So here in this practice we have a very special group called "S.O.S", which stands for Sisterhood of Support. It provides for women at all stages of their journey to be able to share their thoughts and their concerns, and to see people who are beyond their particular stage of recovery as have it serve as an inspiration to them. Rachel: You could just let go, you could let your hair down, or if you don't have any hair at the time, you could not let your hair down. It doesn't matter. I have to be honest one of the times I came to group and everybody started flashing their new boobs and I was like, okay. Now I don't know if it's because I come from an orthodox Jewish community. We're a little more reserved, or because I'm just wasn't comfortable yet with my own new boobs. But once I saw that I came home and I was like, "You know what? That's really freeing," and I will be very honest to say that very often I'll just go like this to myself in the mirror and go, "Nice!" Carol: It's like walking in on Christmas because I know that I'm going to either learn things, or get the support I need, or support somebody else who's there and present for me. Every time I came into this meeting, or I would go next door in order to see the doctors I would get strength, just strength, and the strength would build me up. Mollie Sugarman: It is so easy to have through darkest thoughts evoked and to really take over and create all kinds of demons. The group affords the chance to be able to talk about those demons and how realistic they are, and to put them into perspective. Kim: You can just kind of like let loose and just talk about things that are bothering you, or help someone else get through a situation, or realize that you're not the only one feeling that way, or you're not the only one who had a situation that came up. Linda: I never talked to anybody. I just had my friends before but talking to your friends not going through it is, they're there for you but it's a different experience. So it's four years now that I've been coming to Molly and I always wait for that moment that the doctors around Molly say, "You can't come." I'd be really devastated if they told me this. Ellen: Were it not for Molly and the group and these extraordinary women, I don't think I'd be where I am. It's not any one of us, it's all of us. It's Carol with this infectious laugh. It's Molly who just lights up a room. It's the stuff that puts you back together that helps you move on.


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