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FiOs Segment on Dr. Ron Israeli and His Achievement Award


This news segment looks at Dr. Ron Israeli's award for breast reconstruction work and patient advocacy. The evening honored Dr. Israeli, as well as the breast cancer survivors. Dr. Israeli says how much he enjoys helping women through breast cancer recovery, and trying to make them whole again with breast reconstruction.

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Woman1: Dr. Ron Israeli, he is the most empathetic, giving, caring doctor I have ever come across, and believe me, I've been through a lot of doctors. And if anybody deserves the Alice Roosevelt Longworth Award tonight, it is him. Woman2: He deserves this honor because he is an amazing, compassionate man. He puts your right at ease. He is on the forefront of making women with breast cancer feel like women again, and he takes his craft very seriously. Dr. Israeli: Well, I appreciate hearing that. I think that what I do in taking care of these women after they're diagnosed with breast cancer - and it's a difficult diagnosis, they're making decisions under fire as to what their treatment should be - what I'm doing is trying to make them whole again, and it's a different perspective. It's the kind of thing that really gives me tremendous amount of satisfaction, so I really do enjoy it. The standard of care for many, many women now, if the decision in fact is to do a mastectomy, is to do the reconstruction at the same time. We do it immediately after so the woman can go to sleep before surgery with a breast and can wake up after surgery reconstructed with a breast. People are much more comfortable making that decision knowing that there's a light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that there's hope. If you look here tonight, so many of the women here are celebrating survival. These are women that have had breast cancer, that have had mastectomy, have had reconstruction, and this is really a celebration of survival.


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