HD News Segment: My Mother with Breast Cancer

Mother with Breast Cancer: HD News Segment


An HD News correspondent's segment on her mother's battle with breast cancer. In this piece, Dr. Ron Israeli with Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC is consulted and talks about women's fears of losing their breast. There are many advanced breast reconstruction therapies today that allows women to overcome cancer while maintaining their body and sense of self.

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Erica Zaky: I'm Erica Zaky. When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I realized that my mission as a journalist was to help her and others get through a very difficult period. I'll tell you her story today on HD News. For women, breast cancer remains the single most feared disease but medical advances have helped to calm fears as I learned when my mother was diagnosed. When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago, she made a very difficult decision that she would undergo a double mastectomy, meaning both breasts would be removed so she wouldn't have to worry about the cancer coming back. She did that because her surgeon, Dr. Ron Israeli, reassured her that following surgery, she would look and feel better than ever. Dr. Israeli: It's not only the fear of cancer but the fear of losing their breast, and the fact that I'm able to bring that back makes me the favorite doctor. Erica Zaky: During the surgery, the breasts are removed and can be reconstructed using a woman's own body fat. So in a way, it's like getting a tummy tuck while getting a new set of cancer free breasts. Dr. Feingold: Because there are good choices in breast reconstruction, women are now comfortable making that bigger decision to remove the breast rather than try to protect the breast that may come back to hurt them in the future. Erica Zaky: And these advances in reconstructive surgery are really changing the face of breast cancer because they are erasing the fear. Dr. Israeli says, as soon as a woman is diagnosed, she should put together a team. Dr. Israeli: And that should be a breast surgeon, an oncologist, maybe a radiation oncologist depending on the situation. And certainly a plastic surgeon, even if the decision is not to have reconstruction which is fine, that's an okay decision. To just be able to hear the options and what the possibilities are can really kind of diminish some of the fears. Erica Zaky: For many women, losing their hair is also a huge fear, and that is pretty much inevitable during chemotherapy treatments. Cindy Zaky: The enormity of what's happening and how it's impacting your body, it all kind of hits when your hair is gone. Erica Zaky: But to my mom, it is evidence that she will soon be cancer free and thanks to reconstructive surgery, will look and feel like herself again. In High Definition, Erica Zaky, VOOM HD News New York.


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