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Advances in breast reconstruction mean that women have more options than ever in overcoming breast cancer, while restoring their body image. Women may choose from two basic breast reconstruction procedures: with breast implants, or with natural tissue. With either option, the breast reconstruction specialists at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC know how important it is to restore a woman's sense of wholeness.

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Female Patient: I remember waking up in the recovery room and going like this, and going "Oh, okay," and going back to sleep. Never having to wake up in that state of, like, having lost that part of me, amazing. Amazing. Male Doctor 1: A woman that's diagnosed with breast cancer has to make decisions, very important decisions under the stress of that diagnosis, knowing that the decisions have to be made quickly. And there is a sense of fear. Male Doctor 2: I think that options have changed over the years, and people are confused as to what is available. And they think there aren't good solutions for their problems. And so they need to know that things have changed dramatically over time. Female Patient: The reconstruction that was done on me, I wasn't mutilated in any way. I didn't have, in the past where I used to see scars on my friends' mothers, where the breast used to be completely removed, and all of that. The reconstruction that they do here is so natural and normal. Male Doctor 3: Every patient comes with a different body and has different types of diagnoses, and obviously there are many options. Male Doctor 1: It's very important to get the plastic surgeon involved early on in the decision-making process. Male Doctor 2: There are two basic types of breast reconstruction: using a breast implant, or using natural tissue like body fat. Male Doctor 3: I see my role as an educator, that the patient understands what might be the best option, And the difference are significant, whether you have an implant or your own tissue. Male Doctor 1: As plastic surgeons that really focus and specialize in breast reconstruction, we have a real opportunity to sort of restore these women back to wholeness. And when I say that, it's not you know, from doing the reconstruction. It's not just from a physical perspective, but it's also from a psychological perspective. And that's one of the things that I enjoy about my practice.


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