femPower Belt

femPower Belt: A Fun Support System After Masectomy


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC patient Erica Misorek created the femPower belt to hide her drains after her mastectomy. These creative, fashionable belts became so popular that an event was put on with other patients to create belts for women to wear during their post-operative recovery. The femPower belts are another way the doctors and patients at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC are committed to supporting patients during their mastectomy and breast cancer recovery process.

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Erica Misorek: So I had a mastectomy in October of 2012. And as part of my recovery, I have drains, and I wanted to hide them from my children. I just didn't want to upset them so I came up with the idea to put the drains in a belt that would hide them. And I found a fun fabric and my kids loved it, and it was a lot of fun. And then Dr. Israeli and Mollie and the entire office, they were just so wonderful and they were so excited when they saw the belt. They said, "Oh, we have to show this to other people." So I said, "Well, I'd love it if we could do an event where other people could come and put the belts, and help make them, and so this was created. And I'm just so excited to see that this really took off and just everybody seems to be so excited about this. And I hope that we can donate them to all the patients going forward, and they don't have to worry about . . . one less thing they have to worry about. I can show you what we're going to do in terms of stitching. But it's a simple running stitch. Dr. Israeli: I'm pretty good at sewing, as good as anybody. I'll go around and you can appoint them. You have gloves for me? Dr. Feingold: I'm Dr. Feingold, and this is our sweatshop. I'm just joking. It's a beautiful, beautiful spring morning. The bulbs are coming up and everybody here is working to help the next generation of women get through this a little bit better than they did. So it's just a great thing. Woman 1: I love that we're doing this because I was so desperate without these pouches. And doing this makes me know that this can help a lot of other people. And it's a great opportunity. Woman 2: I think this is fantastic because I wanted to know what it's like to do things and have them. And I think it's an absolute joy and color and sparkle, will make anyone [inaudible 00:02:25]. Woman 3: This is wonderful for people. I wish I had one of these. Jackie Diamond: If you got something like this, we give it out for charity all the time because it's our way of giving back. Mollie Sugarman: I have a saying in my office amongst many. And this one was actually given to me by someone who is very special to me and it says, "No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted." The act of kindness of everyone in this room today is just phenomenal.


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