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Breast Augmentation with Implants

Utilizing silicon or saline breast implants, we can increase the volume and the size of the breasts, refine their shape, and elevate their position for a more youthful, feminine appearance. Safe, simple, and effective, breast augmentation is a wonderful option for women who feel self-conscious about their bust size. With modern incision techniques, scars can be minimized and hidden from sight, and the implants come in a variety of sizes and types so that they can look and feel as natural as you desire.

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Breast Lift

For women who are happy with the volume and size of their breasts, but not the profile, breast lift surgery may satisfy their needs. Over time, the breasts begin to sag due to effects such as gravity and the aging process, as well as other contributing factors such as pregnancy or weight loss. Breast lift surgery allows us to reposition the breasts, including the nipple and areola, so that they are elevated and more youthful in appearance. This is accomplished through precise incisions which allow for the manipulation of breast tissue and skin.

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Breast Reduction

Though many women desire larger breasts, for many others, the breasts are a burden that cause pain and discomfort. If you have overly large breasts, you are likely well-aware of the side effects: back pain, a hunched posture, spinal deformity, and stress injuries to the shoulders and upper extremities. With breast reduction surgery, we can drastically reduce the size and volume of the breasts to alleviate stress on the back. For many women, they find that the surgery not only provides appreciable benefits to their physical health, but their mental health as well.

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Breast Reconstruction

At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC, our team specializes in post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. If you are undergoing cancer treatment currently, or have already undergone a mastectomy and are seeking a cosmetic solution, we would like to help. We understand the emotional impact breast cancer treatment can have on a woman; our aim is to help women who have suffered from breast cancer regain a sense of what was lost. To achieve this, our team of plastic surgeons employs a wide range of breast reconstruction techniques to meet our patients' needs.

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Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting

Breast augmentation with fat grafting can be an ideal solution for women with small breasts who are seeking moderate enlargement or improved symmetry. This procedure can also be used to enhance the results of another breast procedure by improving the contours around implants after augmentation or helping to replace volume lost after implant removal. By harvesting fat from another area of the body, such as abdomen or thighs, and introducing it to the breast tissue, we can create a larger bust with an extremely natural look and feel.

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Breast Implants

There are a range of breast implant shapes and materials on the market, so it is important that breast augmentation patients work closely with an experienced plastic surgeon to ensure they choose an implant that will best achieve the look they desire. Different types of implants offer their own unique advantages, and we can review them with you during a personal consultation. Whether you prefer saline or silicone implants, we will help you decide on the size and profile based on your unique characteristics and cosmetic goals. 

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