Surgery on the Opposite Breast

Improving Breast Symmetry

Surgery on the Opposite Breast

Both natural tissue breast reconstruction and implant reconstruction can produce natural-looking results that can have a tremendously positive impact on a woman’s self-esteem and confidence. When mastectomy and breast reconstruction is done on one side, surgery on the opposite breast may be desired to produce a more symmetrical and pleasing outcome. In such cases, a number of treatments may be utilized, including breast reduction, breast lift, and breast augmentation with implants. If you are considering surgery on the opposite breast to improve contour and symmetry, our team of plastic surgeons can help you decide if any of these procedures is right for your needs. To schedule a consultation, contact Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC today.

Surgery on the Opposite Breast

Typically, any surgery on the opposite breast will be delayed until several months after the reconstructed breast has fully healed. Other factors, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy may also delay the timing of any additional breast surgery. Once healing has taken place, surgery on the opposite breast may frequently be done simultaneous with any secondary or revision procedures on the reconstructed breast.  Several different surgical procedures on the opposite breast are available to help improve symmetry with the reconstructed breast:

  • Breast Reduction - If the existing breast is significantly larger than the reconstructed breast, we can perform breast reduction surgery to provide improved symmetry. In a breast reduction, excess skin and breast tissue is removed from the breast, and a smaller volume breast contour is created. The reduced breast volume is typically elevated, providing a more youthful shape.
  • Breast Lift - A breast lift can correct an existing breast that sags lower than the reconstructed breast. Breast lift surgery focuses on removing excess loose skin while reshaping the breast and elevating the nipple position without significantly changing the breast volume. If needed, a breast implant can be added at the time of breast lift surgery in order to increase breast volume.
  • Breast Augmentation - This option is particularly suitable for women who have undergone implant reconstruction. Through breast augmentation, an appropriately shaped breast implant can be selected and placed in the existing breast so that it better approximates the shape and volume of the reconstructed breast. In some cases, a breast lift can be done simultaneous with breast augmentation in order to elevate the nipple areola position and improve the breast profile.

Risks and Benefits

Each of these procedures can usually be performed safely on an ambulatory basis, and normal activities can typically be resumed a few weeks after surgery. Through surgery on the opposite breast, we can produce natural-looking results allowing improved satisfaction with the overall outcome after mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Keeping the goal of improved symmetry in mind, many of our patients choose to proceed with this type of surgery.

During your consultation with our team, we can review the risks and benefits specific to your situation and an action plan can be determined regarding any potential symmetry procedure that will be most effective at meeting your needs.

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