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Using Your Own Body Fat to Refine Your Breast Shape

Fat Grafting New York

There are a number of revision procedures that can be utilized to refine the shape or volume of a reconstructed breast. Fat grafting using fat harvested through liposuction, is one such procedure. In many cases, contour irregularities or hollow areas in the soft tissue of a reconstructed breast can be corrected with natural fat tissue that is injected into the soft tissue under the breast skin. This procedure can potentially provide a stable and natural improvement in the contour of the reconstructed breast that is both uniform and attractive. If you have undergone natural tissue breast reconstruction or implant reconstruction, you may benefit from a fat grafting procedure using your own body fat to maximize the quality of your breast reconstruction. To learn more about this treatment or schedule a consultation with our reconstructive surgeons, please feel free to contact Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC today.

Fat Grafting Procedure

Transferring fat from one area of the body to the reconstructed breast is a minimally invasive procedure that is typically done on an outpatient basis. Fat is harvested using liposuction, with the most common donor sites including the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Once the fat is removed, it is prepared in the operating room for immediate injection into the soft tissue of the reconstructed breast. The prepared fat is then injected into an area where volume restoration is sought. Once the fat is injected, it re-vascularizes and survives in the new location. The amount of fat that will survive after injection will vary such that some patients will decide to proceed with additional treatments to achieve the desired results. Ultimately, the fat that remains following a fat grafting procedure should last a lifetime.

Following breast reconstruction with implants, areas of concavity are frequently noted along the upper and inner aspect of the reconstructed breast. In some cases, the contour of the implant may be visible through the breast skin and there may be associated rippling of the thin skin overlying the implant. Fat grafting can be particularly effective in addressing and improving these types of contour problems after implant breast reconstruction.

In the setting of natural tissue breast reconstruction, contour deformities and volume problems can both be improved with the use of fat grafting. Areas of concavity within the flap reconstruction can be filled with the use of small volume fat grafting whereas larger volumes of fat can be utilized to augment the size of the reconstructed breast.

Fat Grafting after External Expansion with BRAVA Device

In some cases after autogenous flap breast reconstruction, a significant increase in the volume of the reconstructed breast may be desired. While this may be possible with the placement of a breast implant under the reconstructed breast, fat grafting may be preferred in order to avoid the use of an implant.  In this setting, the use of a BRAVA device may be helpful.

The BRAVA is an external expansion device designed to help release scar tissue and improve the blood supply within the reconstructed breast. The BRAVA device is placed over the reconstructed breast thereby providing a form of external expansion in preparation for fat grafting. Using this approach, the BRAVA device is typically worn over the reconstructed breast for one month before the planned fat grafting procedure. The external expansion provided can potentially allow for a more significant increase in the volume of the breast by permitting for the survival of larger volumes of fat after fat grafting. As with standard fat grafting techniques, the combination of BRAVA and fat grafting can be repeated more than once when larger volumes are desired.

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Revision surgery with fat grafting can help enhance the appearance of breast reconstruction by correcting imperfections in breast contour. Our team of surgeons performs hundreds of fat grafting procedures annually and is committed to providing natural outcomes in breast reconstruction. If you are interested in learning more about fat grafting for breast reconstruction revision, please contact our plastic surgery office today.


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