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Breast reconstruction is inherently staged surgery.  This means that most women will undergo a secondary breast surgery procedure after they have healed from the initial mastectomy and reconstruction. Secondary breast surgery can help to refine the post-mastectomy breast reconstruction results by improving breast contour and symmetry. Revision of unilateral or bilateral reconstructed breasts may involve a number of different procedures depending on the type of initial reconstruction and the contour problem being corrected. In the case of unilateral breast reconstruction, additional procedures can be done on the opposite breast to improve symmetry. When chemotherapy or other treatments are needed, secondary surgery should be delayed until those treatments are complete. If you require secondary breast surgery to improve contour or symmetry, we can assure you that our team of reconstructive surgeons is experienced with the most advanced techniques and will work to provide a lasting solution that satisfies your needs. Please contact our Long Island office today to arrange a consultation.

Surgery on the Opposite Breast

The primary purpose of doing surgery on the opposite breast is to improve symmetry. A number of procedures may be used to achieve this end, including breast reduction, breast lift, or breast augmentation with implants. Surgery on the opposite breast is typically done after the reconstructed breast has fully healed, as the final shape, volume, and profile of the reconstructed breast may not be evident until several months after the healing process is complete. Learn More about Surgery on the Opposite Breast.

Breast Revision after Implant-based Reconstruction

Immediate post-mastectomy breast reconstruction with a tissue expander requires a second procedure to remove the expander, place an implant and create the final breast shape. At the time of this outpatient procedure, the implant pocket and surrounding skin can also be revised to provide a more refined breast contour. Among women undergoing a direct-to-implant or “one-step” reconstruction with a breast implant, a secondary revision procedure may also be desired in order to maximize the quality of the breast reconstruction outcome. Secondary breast revision can also be done at the time of nipple areola reconstruction. A number of breast revision reconstruction techniques are available in the setting of implant-based breast reconstruction.  These include procedures to reshape the external skin as well as procedures designed to revise the implant pocket. Learn More about Implant Exchange and Revision.

Breast Revision after Natural Tissue Breast Reconstruction

After breast reconstruction with an autogenous flap, secondary revision procedures may be considered to improve the contour of the reconstructed breast or to address problems related to fat necrosis. Such procedures include liposuction, skin excision and fat grafting. In addition, the volume of the reconstructed can be changed in a second procedure if desired. This can be done using breast implants or higher volume fat grafting. In the case of abdominal flap breast reconstruction, should abdominal bulges or hernias form at the donor site, there are procedures available that allow repair and improvement in the abdominal wall contour. Learn More about Breast Revision after Flap Reconstruction.

Breast Revision with Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a safe, effective, and common technique for revision of breasts reconstructed with implants as well as breasts reconstructed with flaps. This procedure can help in correcting concavities in the soft tissue of a reconstructed breast as well as problems related to thin skin overlying an implant breast reconstruction. In some cases, fat grafting may be used to increase the volume of a reconstructed breast. When larger volumes of fat grafting are planned, use of the BRAVA external expansion device may be beneficial. Risks associated with treatment are minimal, although more than one fat grafting procedure may be needed to maximize the overall quality of the reconstruction. Learn More about Breast Revision with Fat Grafting.

Repair of TRAM Related Hernias and Bulges

Among women that have had pedicled TRAM flap breast reconstruction, there is a high incidence of lower abdominal wall weakness associated with visible abdominal contour deformities. In many of these patients, prominent hernias and bulges require secondary corrective surgery. Our surgeons provide a unique and reliable approach to the management of TRAM related hernias and contour abnormalities.  This approach helps to resolve hernia symptoms while providing a flatter abdominal wall contour.  Learn More about the Repair of TRAM Hernias and Bulges.

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Secondary breast surgery is common in post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. Contact our Long Island plastic surgery practice today to learn more about the secondary procedures that may be called upon to complete your breast reconstruction.


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