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Nipple Areola Surgery

Illustration of topless woman in red lies, with areola drawn in blueEven when performed by a skilled surgeon, reconstructing your breast without a nipple areola can leave your bust looking incomplete.

Our skilled surgeons at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC, can perform nipple areola surgery to put the finishing touch on your reconstruction.

So why should you choose our dedicated team for your procedure?

Completing the Appearance of the Reconstructed Breast

Through implant reconstruction or natural tissue flap reconstruction, the shape, profile, and volume of the breast can be restored after mastectomy. However, unless the patient has undergone nipple-sparing mastectomy, the reconstructed breast may not be considered “complete” until the nipple areola has been reconstructed. Nipple areola reconstruction can provide the reconstructed breast with the essential finishing touch that allows the breast mound to look like a “real” breast, particularly when this is followed by tattooing of the reconstructed nipple areola. Over the years, a number of different approaches to nipple areola reconstruction have been introduced. The plastic surgeons of the New York Breast Reconstruction Associates at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC, perform hundreds of nipple areola reconstruction operations every year and can determine which procedure is right for you.

Nipple Areola Reconstruction

Nipple areola reconstruction can allow us to create the appearance and texture of a natural nipple. There are multiple procedures that can be employed to this end. The technique that is used will depend on a number of factors, including the quality and thickness of skin on the reconstructed breast mound. Most approaches to nipple areola reconstruction involve elevating local flaps on the reconstructed breast to create the nipple mound. Since the reconstructed nipple tends to flatten over time as part of the healing process, there are then simple secondary procedures that can be used to help improve nipple projection. Learn More about Nipple Areola Reconstruction.

Nipple Areola Tattoo

The process of tattooing allows us to incorporate a natural nipple areola color into the final reconstruction. The majority of women having nipple areola reconstruction will then also proceed with a tattooing procedure. Nipple areola tattooing is fast, simple, and effective. For women who want to avoid additional surgery and are hesitant to undergo nipple areola reconstruction, tattooing alone may meet their needs. While nipple areola tattooing alone does not create the contour or texture of a nipple the way that nipple areola reconstruction can, tattooing alone can still provide the appearance of the nipple. Regardless of whether tattooing is done alone or in the setting of prior nipple areola reconstruction, it may be necessary to have more than one tattooing session to maximize the quality of the outcome. Learn More about Nipple Areola Tattoo Procedures.

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With post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, we can restore the appearance of the breast to help women regain their confidence and self-esteem. However, the breast reconstruction itself restores only the shape and volume of the breast; with nipple areola reconstruction, our surgeons can restore a more natural and complete appearance to the reconstructed breast. To schedule a consultation, contact our Long Island plastic surgery practice today.


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