Reconstruction with Implants

Breast Reconstruction with Implants

Breast Implant Reconstruction - Long Island, New York

There are a number of approaches to implant-based breast reconstruction. In some cases, staged surgery is required, utilizing a temporary tissue expander placed at the time of mastectomy followed by an implant placed at a second operation. In other cases, the breast implant can be placed directly at the time of the mastectomy. Newer techniques of implant reconstruction make use of an acellular dermal matrix such as AlloDerm®, which provides added soft tissue reinforcement. During a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons, we can discuss the breast implant reconstruction methods offered at our practice and devise a treatment plan that will suit your needs. Learn more about the types of procedures we perform below and contact our Long Island, New York practice to schedule a visit.

Expander Implant Procedure

To restore the volume and shape of the breast, a tissue expander can be placed beneath the muscle and skin on the chest wall immediately after a mastectomy. During this operation, an acellular dermal matrix may be used to provide additional support. The expander can be partially filled with saline solution at the time of surgery, with further expansion after surgery allowing the surrounding soft tissue to eventually accommodate a breast implant. Expansions are done in the office, and the expansion process can take one to two months to complete, as the volume of the expander must be increased incrementally. Once expansion is finished and healing is complete, the expander is removed and implant placement can be done as an ambulatory procedure. Learn More about Expander Implant Surgery.

Direct-to-Implant Procedure

The direct-to-implant procedure is a potentially single-stage or “one-step” approach that can be completed in one operation at the time of mastectomy. Since no tissue expander is utilized, good preservation of breast skin is required during mastectomy, with the ideal being a nipple-sparing procedure. Once the mastectomy is completed, the breast implant is immediately placed onto the chest wall behind the pectoralis major muscle. In this setting, the use of an acellular dermal matrix can extend the soft-tissue support that is provided by the pectoralis muscle. Depending on the results of the breast implant reconstruction, a secondary outpatient procedure may be needed. For many patients, however, the direct-to-implant procedure can result in a completed breast reconstruction in one stage. Learn More about Direct-to-implant Surgery.

Acellular Dermal Matrix

An acellular dermal matrix is a product that is derived from skin. AlloDerm®, the first acellular dermal matrix to be used in breast reconstruction, is created from donated human skin. Through a patented process, the cells are removed from the skin but important biochemical and structural components are left in place. When AlloDerm® is used in breast reconstruction, it helps stimulate the regenerative powers of the patient’s own body as it incorporates to become a part of the soft tissue of the reconstructed breast. AlloDerm® can help to create the lower breast fold and provide support for the soft tissue surrounding the breast implant. The use of AlloDerm® in breast reconstruction has gained wide acceptance and is supported by numerous scientific reports in the medical literature. Learn More about Acellular Dermal Matrix.

Latissimus Flap with Implant

In cases where additional soft tissue coverage of a tissue expander or of an  implant is desired, the latissimus dorsi (LD) flap can be utilized. The LD flap is a natural tissue flap that is harvested from the back and includes both the muscle as well as the attached back skin.  When the LD flap is utilized to cover the tissue expander or breast implant, the remaining muscles on the chest wall do not need to be elevated. With an LD flap, particularly in the setting of reconstruction immediately after mastectomy, the appearance of the reconstructed breast can potentially be more natural as compared to reconstruction with an implant alone. In patients with a history of problems with implant reconstruction or with a history of radiation therapy to the breast, the LD flap combined with an implant may be an alternative to other natural tissue flap choices. Learn More about Latissimus Flap with Implant Reconstruction.

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The various approaches to implant-based breast reconstruction can restore the breast contour that is lost due to mastectomy. Our surgeons have performed thousands of breast reconstruction procedures and can help you decide which breast implant reconstruction method is best for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC today to schedule a consultation with our doctors.


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