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The team of surgeons at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC has performed thousands of breast reconstruction procedures and is among the most experienced groups in the nation offering state-of-the-art breast reconstruction. We consider it our mission to provide the best possible outcomes while improving the quality of life for individuals undergoing breast reconstruction. With this mission in mind, our surgeons have created the New York Breast Reconstruction Associates, a unique program of coordinated efforts committed to optimizing the quality of care for women facing mastectomy.

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NY Breast Reconstruction Associates

Implant Breast Reconstruction

There are several different implant reconstruction techniques that can be utilized after mastectomy. The best implant-based approach is selected based on the individual needs of the patient. For some women, an implant is placed immediately following the mastectomy. If there is not enough skin to allow a direct approach, staged surgery may be required, whereby a temporary tissue expander is placed at the time of mastectomy and the final implant is then placed at a later date. Our plastic surgeons will coordinate with your breast surgeon in order to determine which approach will fit your needs.

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Implant Breast Reconstruction

Natural-tissue Flap Reconstruction

Following mastectomy, many patients prefer to restore the volume and appearance of their breasts through their own natural body tissue. This method involves using the patient’s own natural tissue, which is harvested and transferred from a donor site to the chest wall. Once it is harvested, this tissue is called a flap, which is used to reconstruct the breast, avoiding the need for a breast implant or expander. Flap reconstruction is ideal for women with a history of radiation as well as for those who need to correct problems related to a previous implant reconstruction.

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Nipple Areola Reconstruction

An important element of breast reconstruction is nipple areola reconstruction. Once optimal breast contour and symmetry has been achieved, the creation of the nipple areola is in many ways the finishing touch in the breast reconstruction process. The reconstructed nipple areola can provide the reconstructed breast with a more natural appearance. Once the reconstructed nipple areola has healed, tattooing can further enhance its appearance. There are various techniques that are available for nipple areola reconstruction. Most women undergo nipple areola reconstruction, although some decide not to have further surgery or select the non-surgical option of nipple areola tattooing without reconstruction.

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Secondary Surgical Procedures

Breast reconstruction is typically staged such that a range of secondary surgical procedures may be necessary following the initial mastectomy and reconstruction. Among these are implant exchange and revision procedures as well as revisionary procedures designed to improve the appearance of flap reconstructions. Contour abnormalities in a reconstructed breast may be addressed using a variety of surgical approaches. Some patients may require surgery to address complications from prior surgery. For example, women following pedicled TRAM flap breast reconstruction may develop a TRAM related hernia or an abdominal bulge that requires repair at a secondary stage.

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Types of Mastectomy

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or if you are at higher risk of breast cancer because of family history or a BRCA gene mutation, you may be considering unilateral or bilateral mastectomy as a treatment option. The mastectomy procedure involves the complete removal of breast tissue from one or both breasts. Though a mastectomy is typically performed to treat existing breast cancer, it can also be utilized as a prophylactic or risk reduction procedure, which decreases the risk of breast cancer developing. There are a number of different mastectomy techniques. If you need a mastectomy, in consultation with your breast surgeon, we can help you determine which type of breast reconstruction procedure is best for you.

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