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Long term benefits of Guided Imagery

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Posted on: December 10, 2018

As part of the Patient Empowerment Program, patients and their significant others, are offered a pre-opertive Guided Imagery session. During this session, they are taught breathing techniques in additon to visualization.  Even those who are most skeptical, emerge from the 45 minute session amazed at its impact on body tension.  Patients are then given one of my Guided Imagery recordings to use at home and at the hospital.  Among its many effects, Guided Imagery can serve to quiet the mind, quell anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve the immune system, and decrease physical discomfort.

Most recently, a couple, who had been practicing the techniques they learned in a session, went for pre-op medical clearance at a hospital.  After several attempts, the patient's blood pressure remained at 190/160 thus threatening approval for her surgery.  They asked the nurse to allow them 15 minutes alone and used that time for visualization and breathing.  When the patient's blood pressure was again taken...voila...120/90 and cleared for surgery!  She truly felt EMPOWERED!  Others share how they have adopted this technique into their lifestyle and of the benefits they have experienced.  I recently received the following from one of our patients and hope that sharing it serves others, first starting this journey, to utilize this tool:

"Signing up for a guided imagery session was the best first step towards a journey filled with positivity, strength and courage.  It allowed me to take control of a situation, that before, I felt I had no control over. Visualization prepared me for my first surgery, Mediation helped me to reduce my time on medication after my surgeries, Love and Kindness kept me relaxed, positive and strong through my treatments. Two years after treatment, I still find myself turning to one of these tapes to keep me centered. They are food for the mind and spirit! Thank you so much Mollie for being a part of my journey!"    Sharon



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