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Priceless Information About Bone Health During Breast Cancer

Patient Empowerment Program New York Network

Posted on: June 17, 2016

Our sincere appreciation goes to Dr. Eileen Krim for sharing her time and expertise about the natural process of bone loss in women and the effects of breast cancer-related medication and chemotherapy as part of our PATIENT EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM’s "Be Informed Lecture Series" on 9 May. Dr. Krim's dedication is extraordinary as is her commitment to advocate for her patients' care. Our conference room was filled to capacity! Our patients so greatly appreciated her candor, openness, and the obvious championing of her patients. She provided a rare opportunity for an open dialogue and for sharing information that is critical to these women’s recovery.

Talking about bone loss, in general, can be a daunting topic for a lot of women especially since millions of women are affected by osteoporosis, the decline in bone tissue regeneration. With breast cancer, bone loss becomes an even greater concern because it tends to progress after some chemotherapy, radiation and steroid treatments. As with so many of the unintended and unwanted side effects from cancer treatments, our patients can get overwhelmed when they feel like the breast cancer mountain is too high to climb alone.

The Sisterhood of Support is here to make sure no one is on the journey alone. Like the Golden State Warriors’ team slogan, we believe there is strength in numbers. Thanks to the Sisterhood and our generous guest lecturers for the "Be Informed Lecture Series," our breast reconstruction and mastectomy patients are provided with the tools to confront all the issues surrounding breast cancer and promote healing. 

Dr. Krim’s information about how to maintain bone density was very helpful. She talked about the different ways bone problems can present themselves during and after cancer treatments. And she shared simple ways to maintain good bone health, even in the face of cancer. More importantly, the group was invited to ask any questions, big or small.

Here are some thoughts the group shared following the presentation:

“When we enter this new road of diagnosis, we are unaware of what we need to know. The incredible physicians who participate in this lecture series are so committed to providing us with accurate information with which we can make informed choices. This is priceless. Thank you.”

“So informative and so beneficial! Your lecture was extremely helpful. I took my own notes to go over with my doctors. I am so glad Mollie encouraged me to come. Thank you!! Please come back as I really think everyone was so appreciative of all the subjects you covered.”

“Your seminar was most informative. I wish there had been more time with you. Please come back for future meetings. Everyone can benefit from your knowledge that you so graciously shared.” 

“I learned info that I didn’t know I needed to know. As a doctor, you are really a woman and person first; so great!”

-Mollie Sugarman, Clinical Director, Patient Empowerment Program

Photo: Dr. Eileen Krim


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