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The Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery Technique

Long Island Extended Tummy Tuck Technique

Posted on: February 25, 2015

A woman in a yellow bikini on the beachWhen it comes to enhancing curves and improving overall body contour, patients throughout Long Island can count on the team at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, P.C. We offer a comprehensive array of procedures that can help you look your very best. This includes tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), which improves the appearance of the stomach area.

For major body sculpting needs in the abdominal area, a variation of the tummy tuck can be performed, which we'd like to consider in more detail right now.

About the Extended Tummy Tuck

The extended tummy tuck surgery is a variation on the traditional tummy tuck. It is performed in order to address major body contouring and sculpting needs for patients who were obese or morbidly obese. The extended tummy tuck removes stretched out skin in a dramatic fashion, improving body contour in the process.

How the Extended Tummy Tuck Differs from a Traditional Tummy Tuck

During a traditional tummy tuck, the following three incisions are made:

  • One incision around the belly button
  • One lateral incision that spans from one hipbone to the other along the lower abdomen
  • A vertical incision that connects these two along the middle of the lower abdomen

Though these incisions, excess skin is removed and underlying structures adjusted in order to achieve a better overall body contour.

During an extended tummy tuck, the lateral incision begins at the back of one hipbone, travels along the side, continues along the lower abdominal area, and ends at the back of the opposite hipbone. This larger lateral incision allows the surgeon to remove more loose skin and make more adjustments to the underlying abdominal structures.

Ideal Candidates for Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery

The ideal candidates for extended tummy tuck surgery are patients who have experienced major weight loss after being obese or morbidly obese. This covers weight loss through bariatric surgery or weight loss through natural means. These patients should be in good overall health and not suffer from any kinds of systemic conditions in which a surgical procedure such as this would prove a potential hazard to health or wellness.

The scar created during extended tummy tuck surgery is large, so it's important that patients have realistic expectations with regard to the presence of post-surgical marks. Keep in mind that these scars are at least rather well hidden by many bathing suits and undergarments.

Recovery from Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery

Given the nature of the surgery, the recovery time following an extended tummy tuck is longer than the recovery time following a traditional tummy tuck. Patients will be asked to wear a compression garment and to refrain from strenuous physical activities as they heal. With time, patients will be able to return to many of the normal activities they enjoyed before surgery. Full post-op instructions will be provided as part of the surgical consultation process.

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