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Refine Your Contours: The Mini Tummy Tuck Technique

Long Island Mini Tummy Tuck Technique

Posted on: January 26, 2015

Close-up of a woman’s midsection, which she is measuring with a measuring tape after mini tummy tuck surgeryOver the years, tummy tuck surgery has become one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery for good reason. Clinically known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck surgery allows patients who are near or at their ideal weight but who struggle with stubborn deposits of fat in their abdominal regions to refine and rejuvenate their figures. The procedure can readily be customized to the unique needs of each individual patient, depending on whether they require a significant amount of excess skin and fat to be removed from their abdomens or relatively small amount.

At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC in Long Island, the mini tummy tuck technique has produced outstanding results for patients who wanted to achieve subtle re-contouring of their bodies. It has proven particularly successful for patients who have lost weight through diet and exercise but who have struggled to eliminate stubborn remnants of their former bodies from below their belly buttons. It has also been integrated into many “mommy makeover” plans, helping mothers to regain their pre-pregnancy figures along with such procedures as breast lift and liposuction.

Whatever your needs and goals, you can expect our team of experienced plastic surgery professionals to tailor your tummy tuck procedure to you.

What differentiates the mini tummy tuck technique from other techniques?

As the name suggests, the mini tummy tuck is a miniaturized variation of the standard tummy tuck. Its smaller scope produces more subtle results covering a smaller area of the body, but also allows for smaller incisions and a shorter healing time. The standard tummy tuck involves a large incision that begins at one hip and extends to the other. This permits our surgeons to remove excess fat, skin, and other tissues from the entire abdominal region.

Conversely, the mini tummy tuck technique requires only a relatively small incision in the lower abdomen. This restricts our surgeons to the area below the belly button and above the pubic region. Through this small incision, excess fat is removed and underlying abdominal muscles are tightened and restructured. The skin is then pulled taut, and any excess skin is excised. The incision is sutured closed. Surgical drains are placed so that fluids cannot build up in the treatment area and interfere with proper healing.

The mini tummy tuck technique has grown in popularity because it is minimally invasive and produces a relatively inconspicuous scar, especially in comparison to the scar created by the conventional tummy tuck. However, even the mini tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure with risks and potential side effects, all of which are discussed in detail during confidential pre-surgical consultations.

Are you a good candidate for mini tummy tuck?

The only sure way to determine whether you are a good candidate for mini tummy tuck surgery is to meet with one of our acclaimed plastic surgeons for a consultation. In general, however, the best candidates for the procedure:

  • Are at or near a healthy weight for their body types
  • Are healthy enough to undergo surgery
  • Realize that mini tummy tuck surgery is not intended for weight loss
  • Are willing and able to follow all post-surgical instructions diligently
  • Have realistic expectations of their results
  • Are committed to maintaining their results through healthy living

Learn More about Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

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