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Arm Lift Techniques: Improving Tricep and Shoulder Contour

Long Island Arm Lift Techniques

Posted on: December 29, 2014

A woman extending her arm to the sideAt Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, P.C., we've been able to meet the diverse needs of patients throughout Long Island. Many times this involves body contouring surgery, which tones, trims, and tightens the figure to look more athletic. Removing loose skin can make a major difference to your overall appearance, especially around the upper arms.

The surgery to improve the look of the shoulders and triceps is known as an arm lift (brachioplasty). Let's take a moment to consider the different ways that arm lift surgery can be performed.

Ideal Candidates for Arm Lift Surgery

The best candidates for arm lift surgery are people who have issues with the contour of their shoulders and triceps, particularly flab and loose skin that sags and makes the arms seem less toned and athletic. This can be the result of major weight loss or the natural aging process.

As with all kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures, the best candidates should be in good overall health and not suffer from health conditions that would make surgery a health risk. Patients should also have realistic expectations about the nature of the surgery and what it entails, including all risks and benefits and full acknowledgment of post-surgical scarring.

Traditional Incision for Arm Lift Surgery

During a traditional arm lift, an incision is made along the underside of the arm that extends from the armpit area toward the elbow. Through this incision, underlying tissues are adjusted, excess fat is removed, and loose skin is also excised. The skin of the arm is pulled tighter and sutured for a more toned appearance.

Incision Method for Minimally Invasive Arm Lift Surgery

For minimally invasive arm lift surgery, the incision may be hidden entirely in the patient's elbow. The same approach to the procedure applied with this limited incision method. This less extensive incision is ideal for patients who have minor drooping and sagging of the upper arms that does not necessitate a full arm lift procedure.

Incision Method for Extended Arm Lift Surgery

For extended arm lift surgery, the incision starts at the side of the chest/pectoral region, extending up the armpit and then toward the elbow. It is through this longer incision that tissues are adjusted in order to achieve a more toned and trimmed appearance. This form of arm lift is ideal for patients who where morbidly obese and have lost a great deal of weight. The longer incision takes into account the amount of skin in the upper arm area that needs to be revised.

A Word on Arm Lift Surgery Involving Liposuction Only

When the primary issue with the contour of the upper arm is a little extra fat or flabbiness, sometimes this can be address through liposuction alone. Liposuction will involve extraction of fat deposits using a thin, metal tube known as a cannula. Your cosmetic surgeon will remove fat in order to sculpt the upper arm into looking toned, trim, and appealing.

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